Will you be the fastest driver on the night? Could you walk away with the Celebration of Speed trophy, a magnum of champagne and our lap record?

Join us at the second Celebration of Speed dinner on the 8th June – make a donation to our charity Hampshire & isle of Wight Air Ambulance and record a lap time and pole position on our leader board.

When the chequered flag comes down at 11pm the fastest driver of the night will be awarded the Celebration of Speed trophy with a magnum of champagne by Suzi Perry.


This year we’re starting the evening with a short fund raising game called Celebration of Speed Top Trumps to test your knowledge (or guessing ability) of fast cars.

For a small donation to our chosen charity you can take your place on the grid and play to win an overnight stay at a the Goodwood hotel.

Suzi Perry will ask a question and you vote with your ‘Chequered flag’ if you think the answer is A and your ‘Red flag’ if you think the answer is B. If you’re correct you move on to round 2, if you’re incorrect you’re out of the game. The last competitor standing wins the game. After all this excitement you’ll be ready for dinner!